Sustainability is a core value at Gelling & Judd Construction.  We firmly believe that as a construction company, we have the responsibility and opportunity to affect positive change in the environment.

Living in the Bay Area amongst millions of folks committed to making a progressive impact on the environment and beyond, we have found that our clients support our efforts to utilize green technology whenever possible.

We are certified experts on green building best practices through Build It Green, a Bay Area nonprofit with the vision to create “a more sustainable world in which all homes are built to support the health and vitality of people and the natural environment.”

Gelling & Judd applies cutting-edge construction methods and green technology to each of our projects. Part of our job is to inform and educate clients about their options. Without fail, we encourage clients to implement sustainable building alternatives whenever possible.

Our common green practices include:

  • Construction waste recycling
  • Greywater systems, solar energy, radiant heating
  • Salvaging removed materials for alternative uses
  • Installing energy and water efficient systems
  • Utilizing nontoxic products including low or no-VOC paints and finishes
  • Using reclaimed building products